Scoil Mhuire Náisiúnta Cora Finne

Proclamation for a New Generation





People of Ireland, on this day, we celebrate together the centenary of the 1916 Rising. We the students at Scoil Mhuire Náisiúnta, Cora Finne, proclaim that respect should be shown to the people of Ireland, by the people of Ireland. No matter what, we would like to live in a country where everybody has equal rights, despite their race, religion, gender or beliefs.



We would like to live in a country where homelessness does not exist and where everyone will have a home to live in where they feel safe and warm. More funding should be provided for homeless shelters throughout our country.


Everyone should have the right to receive an education. If people don’t have an education, it’s very hard to get a job and help with the education of their children. Parents should make the best effort possible to send their children to school. University education should be free for everybody, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to get a further education.


More employment should be provided so that people can earn money to live a comfortable life. International companies should be encouraged more to set up in Ireland.


We would like to see a country with minimal poverty. Poverty affects a lot of people in our country in the present day, and so it is important to minimise this, to ensure that everyone lives a comfortable life.


We hope that in the future our country will have better medical resources, more medical staff and the best facilities possible. There should be no patients lying on hospital trollies in the corridors of our hospitals.


We believe that better measures should be taken to protect our environment. We should be more careful with how we use our fossil fuels, as they damage the environment and they are non-renewable. We would like to see more use of renewable energy resources. There should be stricter enforcement of the law on people who pollute our seas and landscapes. We believe everyone should play their part to help prevent the increase of global warming.


Our culture is very strong and we would like to see that continue into the future. Everyone should be encouraged to speak our native language regularly. Is fearr Gaeilge briste, ná Béarla cliste. Gaelic Games are unique to our country and this tradition must be carried on to the future generations.



We, the pupils of Scoil Mhuire, Cora Finne, entrust our country into your hands, to nurture, care and look after all who live here and to work together as one unit, to make Ireland a better country for future generations.


This Proclamation was produced by the pupils of Fifth and Sixth Class on behalf of all the pupils in Scoil Mhuire Náisiúnta, Cora Finne.