Ms. Miriam Macnamara-Fifth/Sixth Class

Hallowe'en Safety

Hallowe'en can be great fun but it can also be a dangerous time of year. It is important that everyone follows some simple safety rules. Fifith and Sixth class worked in groups to come up with some Hallowe'en Safety Guidelines and put them on display.


Project on Italy

Pupils from Fifth and Sixth Class recently completed a project on Italy under some of the following headings - Italian Sport, Famous places, Famous Italians, Italian Food and History and Geography of Italy. Well done to the pupils who worked together in groups to research and compile the projects for display.

Below are some pictures of the project.


       italyweba     italywebc



Walking to Dublin!

During Active Week 2016, 5th and 6th classes Fitness Challenge was to walk/run the equivalent of the 254.8km from Corofin to Dublin. Every morning, everybody present, ran/walked 6 laps of the football pitch. This was 2km per person per day. Some pupils ran extra laps to make sure we got to Dublin. To date, (Thurs) we have completed 226km!! Here is a photo of our active class.

active dublin

Credit Union Schools Quiz

Well done to some of our Fifth and Sixth class pupils who participated in the Credit Union Schools Quiz at the Inn at Dromoland on Friday night 29th January. Team members were Eva Carey, Marc O'Loughlin, Aidan Moloney and Molly Gallagher. Maith sibh! 

credit union quiz

Lá 'le Bríde

St Brigid's Day is celebrated on February 1st, the first day of Spring. St. Brigid was born in Co. Louth and settled in Co. Kildare where she built a church and convent. She was a kind woman who spent her life helping other people.The tradition of making St. Brigid's day crosses is a long standing one in Corofin National School. Here are some pictures of fifth and sixth class with their St. Brigid's Day crosses which they made from rushes, just like St. Brigid did all those years ago.

brigid  brigid1  brigid2

Christmas Dioramas

Fifth and Sixth class have been busy making Christmas Dioramas out of old shoe boxes and other materials. Click on the picture below to see some of the dioramas that were made.


IMG 6449

Hallowe'en Dress Up!!

On Thursday, we had some very unusual characters in the classroom!!

halloween web      halloween web1

halloween web2       halloween web3  

halloween web4        halloween web5