Ms. McCarthy

Class Trip to the Farmyard

On Friday 19th June, Ms. O'Connor and Ms. McCarthy brought their classes to the Farmyard just outside Corofin where they had a wonderful day! Click below to see some pictures from the tour!




Dairy Recipes

With the help of the Moo Crew and Derval O'Rourke we are learning about the importance of dairy as part of a balanced diet, an active lifestyle and where our food comes from.

On Milly's Blog we found some recipes containing dairy products to try at home.


Milly's Recipes

The Food Pyramid

We are learning about the Food Pyramid. Do you know where all the food belongs on the Food Pyramid? Try this interactive game at home.


Food Pyramid Game

100 Square Game

Have fun at home playing this game based on the 100 square.


Give the Dog a Bone!

Odd and Even Numbers

We have been working on Odd and Even numbers at school. Here is a website for you to try at home.

Recent Activities

Click on the videos to view some recent activities in Senior Infants and 1st Class.





Terrapin Turtles

On Wednesday Fiona brought in her terrapin turtles. They are 10 months old. They live in a terrapinarium. Fiona feeds them dried krill and shrimp. They love to bask in the sun. During winter they hibernate.

Thanks so much Fiona for bringing Timmy and Hegarty to visit!