Ms Myra Shannon - Third/Fourth Class

Comórtas Filíochta

Comhgairdeachas do Niamh Ní Choinneáin ó Rang a Ceathar, a tháinig sa chéad áit sa Chomórtas Filíochta le Conradh na Gaeilge. Bhí an téama 'Éirí Amach 1916' Scríobh Niamh dán faoi Seán Foster Óg. Beidh Bronnadh na nDuaiseanna ar siúl sa Rowan Tree ar an Aoine. Maith thú Niamh!

Congratulations to Niamh Kinnane from Fourth class who came first in a poetry competition organised by Conradh na Gaeilge. The theme of the competition was 'The 1916 Rising.' Niamh wrote a poem about Little John Foster. Niamh attended an awards ceremony in the Rown Tree on Friday. Well done Niamh!

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Valentine's Day

"Valentine, won't you be my Valentine, won't you place your trust in mine, and be my Valentine"

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St. Brigid's Crosses

St Brigid's Day is celebrated on February 1st, the first day of Spring. St. Brigid was born in Co. Louth and settled in Co. Kildare where she built a church and convent. She was a kind woman who spent her life helping other people.The tradition of making St. Brigid's day crosses is a long standing one in Corofin National School. Click on the picture below to see more pictures of fourth and fifth class making their St. Brigid's Day crosses from rushes, just like St. Brigid did all those years ago.

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Making Carbon

Carbon is all around us. Carbon Dioxide is in the air that we are breathing right now! You can't see it as it is an invisible gas. We had great fun making CO2 using bread soda, a balloon, a plastic bottle, vinegar and a plastic funnel. When the bread soda mixes with the vinegar, gas is produced. This gas is CO2, the same gas that is in the atmosphere and also in fizzy drinks!! This experiment is a perfect example of the Procedure Genre which we are revising at the moment.

Click on the picture below to watch a slideshow of our experiment.

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My Teacher Took my iPod!

Pupils from fourth and fifth class recently studied the poem 'My Teacher Took my iPod' by Kenn Nesbit and performed their own rap version of the poem. Watch the link to the videos below to see our rappers of the future!

Group 1 Rappers

Group 2 Rappers

Group 3 Rappers

Group 4 Rappers


My Teacher Took My iPod


My teacher took my iPod.
She said they had a rule;
I couldn't bring it into class
or even to the school.


She said she would return it;
I'd have it back that day.
But then she tried my headphones on
and gave a click on Play.


She looked a little startled,
but after just a while
she made sure we were occupied
and cracked a wicked smile.


Her body started swaying.
Her toes began to tap.
She started grooving in her seat
and rocking to the rap.


My teacher said she changed her mind.
She thinks it's now okay
to bring my iPod into class.
She takes it every day.


--Kenn Nesbitt