First Steps Writing Programme

About the Programme

As part of our Literacy Strategy the school is now participating in the First Steps Programme Writing Programme. The approach underpinning First Steps is that of gradually moving the child from a supportive context with a significant degree of teacher scaffolding to a more independent context where the child has greater control and autonomy.

The approach of the programme is twofold: Firstly, the children are assessed in order to identify their current stage of development in writing. This assessment is used to inform teacher planning. Secondly, the different genres of writing are introduced per schedule at the same time across the school.

The programme emphasises the process of writing as being as important as the end product and places a significant focus on the specific purpose and intended audience for the writing. It sets writing within a context that is relevant and meaningful to the child. The children also experience drafting and revision, developing the ability to self-correct and so become independent writers. The programme will be developed over a 2 year period with staff receiving professional training throughout.


Creating paintings inspired by Jackson Pollock.

As part of the 'First Steps' writing programme, Junior and Senior Infants have been working on procedural writing. We produced some wonderful art work inspired by Jackson Pollock and wrote about the process. 


Explanation Writing:Senior Infants and First Class

Here is a sample of Explanation Writing from Senior Infants and First Class.


First Steps Writing Programme-Senior Infants and First Class

As part of our work in writing procedures Senior Infants and First Class made Chocolate Biscuit Cake and wrote about it. Watch the video below to see how we got on.



Senior Infants and First Class were working on Recounts this term. We prepared for Written Recounts by 'telling news' in the classroom. Charlie the Clown helped us to remember When?, Who?, Where? What? and Why? First Class were able to make News Plans to help them write their Recounts. The links below contain some samples of our Recounts.


Download this file (D Recount.pdf)D Recount.pdf[ ]2301 kB
Download this file (HA Recount.pdf)HA Recount.pdf[ ]2240 kB

First Steps Writing Programme-Second and Third Class

Second and Third Class have been working on the First Steps Programme over the last term. the genre we worked on was recount. This involved writing a story in sequence. It invloved including details such as who, what, where, when and why. Conor wrote about a birthday party that he had gone to on the previous weekend. Sadhbh wrote about a big day out that she had in Ennis.

Download this file (Calebs Birthday.doc)Sample 1[ ]37 kB
Download this file (My Cousin.doc)Sample 2[ ]26 kB