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Travel Challenge Tracker

Well done to everyone who is taking part in our Big Travel Challenge! We currently have 10 pupils travelling on the school bus which is fantastic! The chart below is the number of pupils who walked or used Park 'n' Stride as a way of coming to school! 

It's lovely to get some fresh air in the morning before coming into school!


Big Travel Challenge-Day 1

Well done to the pupils who walked all the way to school from their homes on the first day of The Big Travel Challenge!!

Be cool, walk to school!!!


big travel challenge

The Big Travel Challenge

As part of our Green Schools plan, we will be taking part in The Big Travel Challenge by promoting a sustainable mode of transport for 10 days during the month of February. The mode we are choosing is Park 'n' Stride.


We would like as many people as possible to Park and Stride from St. Patrick's Hall or beyond from the dates 6th - 17th of February. We will be recording the results and submitting them to An Taisce.


Our aim is to increase the number of students using the Park ' n' Stride mode of transport to get to school as well as encouraging students within walking distance to walk to school. Obviously, common sense and road safety awareness should prevail and younger pupils should be accompanied to the school gate by an adult.


There will be a poster competition from 2nd to 6th class, with a winner and runner up in each class. 


Have you tried Park 'n' Stride?!


Big Travel Challenge Poster Competition

Well done to everyone from second to sixth class who submitted an entry in the Big Travel Poster Competition. These are the winning entries.

conor f     niamh k    cillian m

            Winner 6th class                     Winner 5th class                          Winner 4th class

mia h   ciara mcg

                                            Winner 3rd class                                Winner 2nd class


Here are the pictures of the Runners-up from each class.

tommy S    sean n    roisin f

        Runner up 6th class                         Runner up 5th class                     Runner up 4th class

caoimhe oh   sophie f

                                                   Runner up 3rd class            Runner up 2nd class


Green Schools Committee 2016/2017

Well done and welcome to our new members of the Green Schools Committee who will be working on achieving the Travel Flag over the next two years. Each new member wrote a piece on why they thought they should be on the travel committee and what they thought they could do to help. We are also welcoming back previous members of the Green Schools Committee and we will all work together to reduce our carbon footprint by re-thinking how we can travel to school.